All home building companies erect their own panels. They can only guarantee the performance of their buildings if the components are assembled by their own trained crews.  Contrary to American prefab companies, European home building companies do not sub out their panels to other general contractors.  Since these buildings are based on performance, the companies cannot risk anything less than perfect assembly, because a defective assembly by others could harm their reputation.

Many home building companies sell their product according to 3 levels of completion.


Level 1 -- Buiding structure

The building structure is delivered and assembled as closed components, as a watertight shell, including exterior siding, windows and exterior doors, insulation and gypsum board on the interior.

Level 2 -- Building services

During this stage, the company completes the mechanical, electrical and ventilation systems. The rough work for some of these systems can be integrated into the wall at the factory

Level 3 -- Completion

The building can be completed on site, including all finishes up to a turnkey level.

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